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New Unicorn Products by Store Collections

We have created this page to help everyone find new Unicorn products and gift ideas from online store collections. Below you will find some of the best Unicorn ranges from popular retailers like Tesco, Asda, New Look, and more!

Click the store icons below for quick links to the best collections of NEW Unicorn Products Online:

With over 300 Unicorn products and growing, Tesco is a fantastic source of finding some really good deals on Unicorn products that you are looking for. We can see that new items are added each week and if you need a certain Unicorn item, there’s a good chance that Tesco will have it.

Asda offer a selective range of Unicorn products, including Unicorn duvet sets which we know are extremely popular and sell out quick. Keep your eye on Asda’s Unicorn range as there are some seriously low prices to take advantage of.

Very is another excellent source of Unicorn products, many of which are constantly discounted with lower prices. Very specialise in Unicorn toys so if this is high on your shopping list it is definitely worth checking their range often.

You may not be aware, but New Look is also a great source of Unicorn Products. We know for a fact that they offer Unicorn socks and slippers for low prices, which are extremely popular right now so if you are looking for a pair yourself, head on down to New Look.

Peacocks is offering some low prices on Unicorn Products right now. One of their best sellers are unicorn wellies under £10, while they also have over 20 different Unicorn products to choose from as well which we think you’ll be interested in.

River Island have an extensive range of Unicorn products, which is growing every day. River Island also mark certain Unicorn items as ‘Limited Edition’, so if you see something you like you should get it right away before stock is gone forever!

While Matalan’s Unicorn range is small, they do have some lovely Unicorn bedding and pillow cases which we know you are going to love.  Most items are under £10 so Matalan is definitely one to keep an eye on for when their stock is updated.

Believe it or not, but M&S also cater for the Unicorn lovers out there. Right now, Marks and Spencer are highlighting their lovely Unicorn Pyjama range, while they also have some amazing Unicorn Onesies as well which are available from 1-16 years.

The Range is fast becoming one of the best new locations to pick up much needed items online and you’ll be pleased to here that they also have some Unicorn products in stock. Some of the items that caught our eye include Unicorn door handles and also lots of Unicorn toys that your kids will love. has an extensive range of Unicorn products, almost 100 from what we can see and growing fast to keep up with the trend of children wanting everything and anything Unicorn related. Items available include Unicorn clothing, but you can also pick up other novelty items such as Unicorn mugs and also iPhone cases.

Next has to be one of the best sources of Unicorn products in our opinion. Some of the Unicorn Baby clothes from Next are really nice, available from 0-18 months, while Unicorn swimsuits are going to be extremely popular for holiday getaways as well.

If it is only cheap Unicorn toys that you are after, Argos is a great place to start looking for them. Almost all of the Argos Unicorn toys are £20 and under, meaning that whenever Argos holds their popular Toy Sales it is a perfect time to pick up Unicorn stuff that your children need!

We absolutely love Debenhams range of Unicorn products, which offers something for everyone and with that added layer of quality that you would expect when buying at Debenhams. The Unicorn pyjamas that Debenhams has often go on sale so keep your eye out for a nice discount.

Not to be outdone by the likes of Tesco and Argos, Smyths has an extensive range of Unicorn toys that are all under £20. There are plenty of toys available for under £10 as well, so if you have a gift to buy and want it to be Unicorn-themed, the chances are that Smyths will have what you are looking for.

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