We’ve just been made aware that Primark has issued a unicorn cushion recall, as such we’ve featured this article on both our website and Facebook page to make everyone aware.

Some of you might have only just purchased the unicorn cushion from Primark, as it was on sale until 13th February 2018, according to Primark’s own help page on the matter. The posting details the product number as, “3685901” and it was on sale in UK stores from the 28th May 2017.

The reason for this Unicorn Cushion being recalled was put into a statement, explaining the “Unicorn Cushion does not meet Primark’s flammability standards” and that with “prolonged exposure to an ignition source the product may pose a flammability risk”.

Full details are at the Primark help article in the link above, feel free to comment below if you’ve been impacted, or join the discussion in our unicorn community group.