The hottest trend this Shrove Tuesday seems to be using a Unicorn Pancake Pan, which is just what’s possible right now thanks to ASDA’s new 25cm Tefal flying pan.

We’ve received hundreds of photos from Unicorn Gift UK followers showcasing their pancakes made with the Tefal Unicorn Pancake Pan. Some of which, we have featured on this page found within our community group.

These creations weren’t made by art pros, but instead with the kit that includes a squeezy bottle aided by a precision tip and unicorn pancake pan featuring an outline to follow. It might seem hard to figure out at first, although those that have tried said it was pretty easy and showcased their masterpieces to our 200,000 followers.

Where To Buy – Stock is expected to not last long with Pancake Day 2018 so close, although at the time of writing you can still purchase the Tefal unicorn pan at ASDA.