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Unicorn Gifts Are Included In Lots of Black Friday Sales Too!

There will be Unicorn Products included in Black Friday deals and sales this year, and Unicorn Gift UK will be featuring links to these discounted items.

Marks and Spencer Unicorn Cake serves up to 36

M&S is the place to go if you want to get your hands on some yummy Unicorn treats. At the moment, we can see that one very popular item is the Marks and Spencer Rainbow Unicorn Cake.

Unicorn Onesie for Women and Kids at ASDA

You can't beat a good onesie and right now we can see that ASDA are selling an extremely popular Unicorn Onesie for Women and Kids

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Primark Issue Unicorn Cushion Recall

We've just been made aware that Primark has issued a unicorn cushion recall, as such we've featured this article on both our website and Facebook page to make everyone aware.

National Unicorn Day 2018

It's one of the most important days of the year again soon for us, National Unicorn Day!

Sainsbury’s 25% OFF Tu Unicorn Clothing for 2018

The latest Sainsbury's 25% OFF Tu clothing sale kicked off on Tuesday 27th March, 2018, and it included plenty of Unicorn items. We've been to Sainsbury's on many occasions and looked at some amazing Unicorn clothing.